Children's Century Classics

Marvelously illustrated

7-volume set brings to life classic stories from the Bible.

Stories include prophecy that became history. Children need a sense of purpose and belonging. The best gift you can give them is the knowledge that God lovingly created them. God also has special plans for each one of their lives. That's exactly what children will discover in the Children's Century Classics.

Marvelously illustrated

7-volume set

Brings to life classic stories from the Bible.

When Time Began
When Time Began
Chapter 11: A Wicked King Becomes a Thief Ahab was a rich king, but he was selfish and greedy, which led him to commit a terrible crime. Choose the right option. Ahab had a partner who was even more wicked than he was and that was his wife, ___________. Isabel Jezebel Jochebed Salome ____________ Vineyard was next to Ahab’s palace. Stephen’s Naboth’s Elishama’s Shapan’s “The Lord forbid that I should give my inheritance of my father’s to you!” who said this? ____________. Naboth Jezebel Elijah Elisha “Stone Naboth to death pronouncing him guilty of ____________ God and king,” Jezebel wrote to the elders. disobeying blaspheming cursing blessing “Thus says the Lord,” Elijah announced, “In the place where _________ licked the blood of Naboth, they will lick your blood.
Rise of the Prophets
Prophets, Priests, and Kings Cover
Prophets, Priests and Kings
The Miracle Man
Savior of the World Cover
Savior of the World
39 - God Leads His Church to Success
Way of the Master
The Greatest Battle
The Greatest Battle

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