7 - The Greatest Battle

The Greatest Battle, covers the story of God working through history form Christ’s time to the end of time.  The stories of the great reformers, john Wycliffe, Martin Luther, Huss and Jerome will show how God preserves His great truths.  This story will bring you down the Return of Jesus as told in the scriptures.  You will fall in love with the Heaven and the home Jesus has gone to prepare.

Table of Contents

1.) Jerusalem Will Be Destroyed
2.) Satan Tries to Stamp Out the Christian Church
3.) Church of the Dark Ages
4.) The Waldenses
5.) John Wycliffe
6.) Huss and Jerome
7.) Martin Luther as a Young Man
8.) Martin and the Scary Staircase
9.) Martin Luther Goes to Court
10.) Revival in Switzerland
11.) The French Reformation
12.) Bow or Burn at the Stake
13.) Tyndale the Translator
14.) John Bunyan Jailed
15.) Christians Flee to America
16.) Roger Williams
17.) Saved From a Fire
18.) Two Brothers Dedicated to God
19.) God Is Banned in France

20.) Bloody Moon and Falling Stars
21.) A Little Boy Makes a Big Decision
22.) William Miller
23.) God Chooses a Simple Farmer
24.) Great Disappointment
25.) God Gives a Long Look Into the Future
26.) God’s Special Day
27.) What’s Going On in the Courts of Heaven?
28.)The Greatest Battle
29.) Satan’s Deadly Tricks
30.) What Happens When We Die?
31.) A Storm Is Coming
32.) The Amazing Word of God
33.) The Final Warning
34.) Time of Trouble for God’s People
35.) Jesus to the Rescue
36.) Locked up for 1,000 Years
37.) God’s Perfect Playground