4 - The Miracle Man

The Miracle Man, covers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  In these pages you will begin the greatest of all stories with the greatest of all men, Jesus.  He truly is the Miracle Man. You hear of blind men regaining their sight, deaf people hearing and even the dead being brought back to life.

Table of Contents

1.) The Mother of Jesus Is Chosen
2.) The Birth of Jesus
3.) The Dedication of Jesus
4.) Wise Men
5.) Jesus in the Temple
6.) The Boy Jesus
7.) John the Baptist
8.) Baptism of Jesus
9.) Wilderness Temptation
10.) We Have Found the Messiah
11.) Jesus’ First Miracle
12.) Jesus Clears the Temple
13.) Nicodemus
14.) Woman at the Well
15.) Healing the Nobleman’s Son
16.) Healing a Lame Man at Bethesda
17.) Hidden Treasure
18.) Death of John the Baptist
19.) Jesus Rejected at Nazareth
20.) Miracle Fish

21.) A Demon in the Church
22.) A Leper Comes to Jesus
23.) Miracles at Peter’s House
24.) Paralytic Healed
25.) Matthew Gets a New Job
26.) Your Disciples Broke the Rules
26.) Twelve Special Men Chosen
27.) Sermon on the Mount
28.) The Foolish Carpenter
29.) Centurion’s Request
30.) Widow’s Son Raised
31.) The Farmer’s Seed
32.) Calming the Storm
33.) Demons on the Beach
34.) Healed by a Touch
35.) Jairus’ Daughter Raised
36.) Only One Gave Thanks
37.) The First Evangelists
38.) Look What I Have
39.) The Great Supper