Chapter 11: A Wicked King Becomes a Thief Ahab was a rich king, but he was selfish and greedy, which led him to commit a terrible crime. Choose the right option. Ahab had a partner who was even more wicked than he was and that was his wife, ___________. Isabel Jezebel Jochebed Salome ____________ Vineyard was next to Ahab’s palace. Stephen’s Naboth’s Elishama’s Shapan’s “The Lord forbid that I should give my inheritance of my father’s to you!” who said this? ____________. Naboth Jezebel Elijah Elisha “Stone Naboth to death pronouncing him guilty of ____________ God and king,” Jezebel wrote to the elders. disobeying blaspheming cursing blessing “Thus says the Lord,” Elijah announced, “In the place where _________ licked the blood of Naboth, they will lick your blood." cats tigers bears dogs Concerning Jezebel the lord said that the dogs will eat her by the wall of ___________. Vineyard Jezreel Jordan Samaria Ahab’s son _________ and all his brothers were killed by Jehu, the commander. Amaziah Zechariah Ahaziah Zephaniah Conclusion: “Thou shalt not covet” was a commandment that God gave us. Because Ahab coveted it led him to commit murder. Commitment: Never take things that do not belong to you. It is wrong and leads to other evils. Answers: 1. Jezebel, 2. Naboth’s, 3. Naboth, 4. blaspheming, 5. dogs, 6. Jezreel, 7. Ahaziah

2 - Rise of the Prophets

Rise of the Prophets, covers from Judges through 1 Kings.  You will read about the Israelites march around the great city of Jericho, and hear the mighty walls crumble.  Be amazed as God does the impossible through Gideon’s small army.  You will meet Ruth, Samson, Saul.  With a slingshot and a stone, David will bring down a mighty giant.  This volume is full of triumphs and tragedies and all of them teach great Bible lessons.

Table of Contents

1.) Fall of Jericho
2.) Achan’s Deception 
3.) Tricked by the Gibeonites
4.) The Day the Sun Stood Still 
5.) The Earlier Judges 
6.) God Chooses Gideon
7.) Gideon’s Army
8.) Victory Over the Midianites
9.) Ruth 
10.) Samson
11.) Samson Gets Even
12.) Samson and Delilah
13.) A Mother’s Prayer Answered
14.) God Calls Samuel
15.) The Ark of God Taken
16.) We Want a King!
17.) Saul’s Sacrifice
18.) Saul Rejected as King
19.) Jonathan Wins the Battle
20.) David Anointed King

21.) David Kills the Lion
22.) David Brought Before the King
23.) David and Goliath 
24.) King Saul Is Jealous of David 
25.) Doeg’s Betrayal
26.) Saul Chases David
27.) David Shows Kindness to Saul
28.) Abigail
29.) David Steals Saul’s Spear
30.) Witch of Endor
31.) David With the Philistines
32.) David Crowned King
33.)The Philistines Defeated
34.)David and Mephibosheth
35.) David and Bathsheba
36.) Absalom
37.) Absalom Rebels
38.) Absalom Killed
39.) David Chooses Solomon as King