Savior of the World Cover

5 - Savior of the World

Savior of the World, continues the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark Luke and John. In these stories you will meet Lazarus, Zacchaeus and many others. But most importantly you will witness the great sacrifice that Jesus gave for all mankind in His death, burial and resurrection.

Table of Contents

1.) The Son Who Left His Father
2.) A Small Lunch and 5,000 Hungry People
3.) Peter Walks on Water
4.) A Mother’s Great Faith Saves Her Daughter
5.) An Unforgettable Night
6.) Demon-Possessed Boy
7.) Money in a Fish’s Mouth
8.) Blind Man Healed
9.) The Lost Sheep
10.) Good Samaritan
11.) Rich Young Ruler
12.) At the Home of Lazarus
13.) A Lesson on True Greatness
14.) “Lazarus, Come Forth!”
15.) Church Leaders Plan a Murder
16.) Two Prayers, One Answer
17.) Zacchaeus
18.) The Best Gift Jesus Ever Received
19.) The Unforgiving Servant
20.) Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

21.) A Den of Thieves
22.) The Stolen Vineyard
23.) Sheep and Goats
24.) Look for My Return
25.) The Hidden Money
26.) Ten Maidens
27.) First Communion
28.) A Terrible Night in the Garden
29.) Judas Betrays Jesus
30.) Trial Before Annas and Caiaphas
31.) The Man Who Hung Himself
32.) In Pilate’s Judgment Hall
33.) Crucify Him
34.) Calvary
35.) In Joseph’s Tomb
36.) Jesus’ Resurrection
37.) An Empty Tomb
38.) The Walk to Emmaus
39.) Feed My Sheep