39 - God Leads His Church to Success

6 - Way of the Master

Way of the Master, covers the book of Acts and the writings of the Apostles. See the early church and it experience the power of God. You read about the stoning of Stephen, Peter escaping from jail and Paul facing an angry mob. You will see God do extra ordinary things through ordinary people.

Table of Contents

1.) God’s Purpose for His Church
2.) Preaching With New Power
3.) Miracle at the Gate
4.) Peter and John in Trouble Again
5.) Ananias and Sapphira
6.) Peter and John Imprisoned
7.) The Stoning of Stephen
8.) Philip and the Ethiopian
9.) Simon the Sorcerer
10.) From Persecutor to Preacher
11.) Dorcas Raised to Life
12.) Peter and the Sheet
13.) Chained Between Two Soldiers
14.) Adventures in Antioch
15.) An Angry Mob Stones Paul
16.) Fighting in Church
17.) Timothy Joins Paul
18.) Earthquake at Midnight
19.) They Turned the World Upside Down!
20.) Who Is the Unknown God?

21.) Paul at Corinth
22.) Healed by a Handkerchief
23.) Success and Danger in Ephesus
24.) A Young Man Falls to His Death
25.) Saved by the Romans
26.) Paul Before the Sanhedrin
27.) A King Almost Becomes a Christian
28.) Shipwrecked!
29.) Paul Is Bitten by a Deadly Snake
30.) Special Armor for God’s Special Forces
31.) Paul Helps a Runaway Slave
32.) Spreading the Gospel From Prison
33.) I Have Fought the Good Fight
34.) Peter Is Faithful to the End
35.) John Is Boiled in Oil
36.) Seven Messages for Seven Churches
37.) A Woman and a Child hunted by a Dragon
38.) John Receives a Heavenly Vision
39.) God Leads His Church to Success