When Time Began

1 - When Time Began

When Time Began, covers from Genesis to the book of Joshua. You will travel back to the very beginning, when God created all things. The stories will carry you through the beautiful garden home and the sad fall of mankind to Satan’s temptation.  You will experience the joy of God’s plan to restore all things.  On your journey you will meet great Bible characters like Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Noah and many others.  This volume ends with the children of Israel crossing the mighty Jordan River into the Promised Land.

Table of Contents

1.) The Fallen Angel
2.) Let There Be Light
3.) God Creates the Animals
4.) In the Image of God
5.) The First Sabbath
6.) The Fall of Adam and Eve
7.) God’s Wonderful Plans for Adam and Eve
8.) Cain and Abel
9.) Noah’s Ark
10.) The Flood
11.) Tower of Babel
12.) Job
13.) Call of Abram
14.) Sodom and Gomorrah
15.) The Test of Faith
16.) A Wife for Isaac
17.) Jacob and Esau
18.) Jacob’s Ladder
19.) Night of Wrestling

20.) Joseph’s Coat and Dreams
21.) Joseph in Egypt
22.) Joseph and His Brothers
23.) Moses
24.) Let My People Go
25.) The Passover
26.) Crossing the Red Sea
27.) Ten Commandments
28.) Idolatry at Sinai
29.) Tabernacle and Its Services
30.) Sin of Nadab and Abihu
31.) Food From Heaven Rejected
32.) Twelve Spies
33.) Rebellion of Korah
34.) Moses Makes a Big Mistake
35.) Fiery Snakes
36.) Great Victory Over Sihon and Og
37.) Balaam and His Talking Donkey
38.) The River Stopped Running