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on Noah. “Open the door!” they screamed. “We’re sorry we didn’t listen! Open the door, or we’ll drown!” But Noah could not open the heavy door that God’s power had closed. It was too late.
People and animals were running everywhere now trying to find a safe place. Some climbed
up on their
houses, and
some climbed
trees. Others ran
to the highest
hills to get away
from the rising
water. People
and animals
fought together
to escape the
flood, but one by one
they lost their foothold and fell away into the swirling waters.
Some tried to hang on to the ark and some tried to climb up on it, but the rising tide of waters quickly tore the desperate victims from its side. Soon there was nothing left but the
Noah decided to open a window in the ark and released two birds: a raven and then a dove.

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