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  howling winds and the ark plunging
up and down on the churning waters.
Not a man, woman, or child could be seen anywhere. Not a horse or a lion. There was no living thing in sight.
Meanwhile, Noah and his family were doing all they could to calm down the animals inside. No one had ever experienced anything like this before, so they didn’t know what to expect. Noah prayed. It was all anyone could do. Satan and his evil angels tried to sink the ark, but God and His holy angels protected the small crew and their boatload of animals.
For 40 days and nights, the rains fell from the sky, and the waters rose still higher. Finally, the tops of the highest mountains on earth were more than 20 feet beneath the waves. The terrible flood that Noah had preached about had come, and just as he had warned, no living thing outside the ark remained alive.
For months, the ark drifted back and forth on the endless ocean. There was lots of food stored on the ark, so there was plenty to eat, but there was also plenty of work. Noah and his family had to feed all those animals! Every day! They had to clean their stalls and cages, too. What a smelly job!

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