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David stood at the top of a hill overlooking a huge valley below. He could see two camps of tents sprawled across the landscape. A small ravine with a creek in it ran down the center of the valley between the two camps. Crowds
of men sat around early morning fires making their breakfasts.
“This must be the battlefield,” David thought as he yanked on the donkey’s
lead rope. He could hardly wait to see his brothers. Unfortunately, the donkey had other ideas.
But if David thought his brothers would be glad to see him, he was wrong. “What are you doing here?” Eliab scowled when he saw David.
David was shocked at this reception. “I came to bring you food,” he stammered in surprise. “The whole family is worried about you.”
“You came to see the battle, that’s all,” Eliab growled. “We don’t need you here! You’re just a kid! Go home and take care of the sheep!”
Suddenly shouts rang out on the early morning air: “Here he comes!” And everybody started running toward the battlefield. David turned in time to see a giant soldier striding toward them from across the creek. The ground seemed to shake under the huge man’s feet as he walked to the edge of the rocky ravine and shook his fist.
“King Saul!” The giant slapped his knee with one of his huge hands. “You are weak, and so is your God. Otherwise, you would have beaten us in battle long ago! I’m offering you the same chance I’ve given you for 40 days now! Send out your fiercest warrior to defeat me, and we will be your servants forever! However, if I beat my challenger, you must be our slaves.” The Philistine soldiers in the front ranks broke into laughter.
David could hardly believe his eyes. This man was huge! He had heard of giants like this, but had never imagined one would look this big! With his helmet on, the hulk of a man looked to be half again as tall as any other man on the battlefield!

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