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as they turned to run. “He’s from the city of Gath down along the coast!”
“Where’s everyone going?” David shouted. “You can’t just run away! Isn’t there
someone brave enough to fight this man? He is cursing us and our God!”
A messenger ran to tell King Saul the brave words David had said, and soon
David was being brought before the king. “Don’t be afraid of this pagan giant,” David assured the king. “Your servant will go and fight him.”
“You?” The king wanted to laugh, but he could see that David was perfectly serious. “How can you go? You’re just a boy.”
“I have fought my share of enemies,” David said confidently. He told the king about his battles in the forests fighting lions, bears, and wolves to protect his sheep.
 David shouted, “Isn’t there some- one brave enough to fight this man? He is cursing our God!”
“If I could kill those wild beasts, then God will help me beat this giant.”
King Saul was amazed at David’s faith and courage. He and his military
commanders tried to convince David that fighting the giant was suicide, but David
would have none of it. Finally, the king agreed to let David fight the giant, and he
gave David his own armor to protect his body in battle.
But King Saul was a tall man, and the armor was far too big. “I can’t wear these things,”
David admitted. “I would be in worse danger if I wore them because they don’t fit.”
Then he walked off toward the battlefield with nothing
but his shepherd’s staff, his sling, and a leather pouch over his shoulder.

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