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For three and a half years, the famine continued in Israel, and everyone was feeling the effects of it. No leaves grew
on the trees, and no grass decorated the fields. Almost all the wells had run dry. Herds of cattle and donkeys were dying. Food was scarce, and any that could be found in the markets was very expensive.
People in many towns and cities of Israel were dying, especially the poor, who could not afford food. Would the famine never end? Would everyone in Israel eventually die for lack of food and water? Where was the power of Baal to deliver Israel from this terrible famine? Queen Jezebel had taught the
people that Baal was the god of rain and that only he could
bring the harvests of grain and fruit again.
But Baal was just an idol carved of wood, stone, or
metal. He could do nothing to break the power of the famine that held the country in its grip.
This useless idol was no more

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