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he ran splashing out of the river. “I’m healed! My leprosy is gone!” He threw on his clothes, jumped into his chariot, and raced up the road to Elisha’s house. Can you imagine how the dust flew on that country road? Surely the angels must have smiled at God’s goodness. A pagan man who knew nothing of heaven’s bountiful gifts had just received healing, the greatest of all gifts, and all because he had stepped forward in faith.
“Keep your gifts. God gives life to all who ask, and healing to those who have faith.”
When Naaman reached the prophet’s house, Elisha was waiting for him. Captain Naaman jumped down from the chariot and knelt with his face to the ground. “Now I know that there is no God in all the earth but
 in Israel. Thank you, thank you!” he exclaimed as he knelt before the prophet. Tears streamed down his face as he realized just how blessed he was. And to think that he almost went home, too proud to obey the prophet, who held the only hope for the healing of his leprosy!
“And now I have a few gifts for you,” he said with the biggest smile on his face. “Please accept them, though they cannot really pay for the life
you have given me back today.”
Elisha smiled too, but he held up his
hand. “Keep your gifts. The Lord my God gives life to all who ask, and
healing to those who have faith. He wishes for no more than your heart in
worship. Do this, and you shall have eternal life in Him.” Naaman went
home a changed man, thanks to a little girl who shared her faith.

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