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 He could feed the
poor. He could lead
an army to war, and when
they got wounded, He could
heal them. Or if they died in battle,
He could even raise them to life. He was
the perfect Messiah, and definitely the One they wanted to sit on the throne of Israel.
If the multitude got what they wanted, that is exactly what
would have happened. They had hardly finished the loaves and fish when
they decided to crown Jesus king right there on the beach. They believed that He was too humble to ever make that decision Himself, so the leaders in the crowd took charge. They would take Jesus by force if necessary, and the disciples were ready to help.
But that is not at all what Jesus had in mind. Jesus continually told the people that His kingdom was not of this world—that it was a spiritual kingdom in the heart. It was not about fighting battles with swords and shields. It was about the battle between good and evil that was going on between Satan and God. Jesus had come to die for the sins of the world, and that was His mission in this world!
The crowds didn’t agree. They didn’t want to hear about a spiritual or a future kingdom. They wanted a king now!
 All night the disciples strained at the oars against the wind and waves. They could not see be- yond the gloom of the dark waves around them.
However, Jesus gave them no chance to argue. Quickly He took action by telling everybody to go home. They protested, but when they heard His voice of authority and saw the stern look on His face, they

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