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  it was obvious that was what the people wanted, it was almost more than they could bear.
When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the lake toward them, they did not recognize Him and were terrified. “It is a ghost,” they cried.
The disciples were discouraged and
worn-out physically when Satan came to
them with his biggest temptation of all.
Maybe Jesus wasn’t the Messiah they had
been looking for, Satan whispered in their minds. Maybe He wasn’t the Son of God and was just an imposter.
 After everyone was gone, Jesus went up into the hills to pray and to meditate about all that had happened that day. He prayed that His disciples would understand His true mission, because until they understood that, they could not teach others.
He realized that this day had been a turning point in His ministry for the people of Galilee. The religious leaders in Judea had already rejected him, and now it looked as if the people of Galilee would do the same. Soon many of those who had been His most devoted followers would leave and not follow Him anymore. They had come for what they could get from Him, whether it was healing, loaves and fish, or just recognition because He was so popular.
Meanwhile, the disciples were out on the lake trying to get across to the western shore. They were tired and worn-out from their long day with the crowd. It had been an exciting day, but it ended with disappointment. All they could think about was how Jesus had refused to be king. Why would He turn down such an honor?
Suddenly their thoughts changed. A storm came up, and they found themselves in great danger. They forgot all about their disappointment and tried with all their might to row against the wind and waves. Hours passed, and they were losing the battle. Finally, they decided they had no hope and would die in this terrible storm. How they wished Jesus was with them!
Shortly before dawn, Jesus went out walking on the lake to encourage His disciples. How He walked on water was truly amazing, but “with God all things

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