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It was early morning. The sun was not yet up to chase the shadows of the night away. Dew still covered the wild rose vines growing along the path leading to the tomb where Jesus had been laid to rest. Day was coming. The little crickets had
finally stopped chirping, and nighthawks no longer swooped in the skies above. Gathered around Jesus’ tomb were many of Pilate’s best Roman soldiers. Some
were standing guard at the door of the tomb; others were sitting on the ground. The Jewish priests had sent them to the tomb under Pilate’s orders because they thought that the disciples might try to take the body of Jesus. However, everything was quiet and it looked as if it would be an uneventful day
Suddenly the ground began to shake. They probably thought that this was just another earthquake like the one on Friday when Jesus had died on the cross.
But this time it was different. The soldiers staggered to their feet as the rumbling grew louder. Suddenly a bright flash of light came down from the sky, lighting up the tomb and everyone around it. The soldiers didn’t know what it was for sure, but they knew that it must be some kind of a supernatural being, because the form of
a majestic angel appeared. His face was like lightning, and his robe of light was as white as snow!
With a sweep of his hand, the angel brushed aside the giant stone at the entrance of the tomb as if it were a pebble. “Son of God, come out!” the angel announced in trumpet-like tones. “Your Father calls You!”
Other angels had come to the tomb that morning to witness the most exciting day in
Gathered around Jesus’ tomb were many of Pilate’s best Roman soldiers.

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