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  By now the soldiers had all fallen to the ground to shield their faces from His glory. Daring and cruel as they had been to beat Him nearly to death on Friday, they now became like dead men, hiding their faces from the majestic One they had crucified.
 And then the moment was gone just as
quickly as it had come. When the glorious
light of Jesus and the angels died away,
the soldiers scrambled to their feet and
hurried to Jerusalem. The news awoke the
priests from their beds, and they learned the whole story of the bright angel and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
The priests panicked at the news of this story. If what the soldiers said was true, then they had indeed crucified the Messiah, the King of
kings and Lord of lords! And if that was possible, then they would be considered enemies of heaven. If the people in
Jerusalem found out, they would tear these priests from their positions of power and probably even stone them
to death. The priests could not let that happen.
So it was that the priests created their own story,
instructing the soldiers to tell everyone a lie. They said,
“Just say that Jesus’ disciples came by night to steal His body while the soldiers slept.”
“I am the resurrection and the life!” Jesus announced to the listening soldiers and the world.

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