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Martin Luther was studying to be a priest, but he struggled with doubts about his life as a Christian. When he discovered the power of prayer, it began to change his life. Then he made another great discovery that would
change the world.
One day he found a complete copy of the Bible chained to a pulpit in the library
at the University of Erfurt in Germany. In reverence and awe, he turned the sacred pages and read the wonderful verses he had never before seen.
“If God would give me a complete Bible of my own, I would be the happiest man alive,” he said. Angels were by his side to encourage him with such thoughts and to inspire him to study more. Now whenever he had the chance, he came back to the library to study the precious pages of the Bible.
Martin Luther wanted to understand the Bible better, but he still struggled with a deep sense of his sinfulness. He entered a monastery and continued to study. He had been told that if he prayed and fasted enough, or went without sleep, God would accept him. If he beat himself with a whip to pay for his sins, maybe God would not burn him too long in the fires of hell. None of these strange beliefs
brought him peace of mind. None of them made him feel as if God could ever love or forgive him.
Then one day Dr. Staupitz, a fellow priest in the university, came to visit Martin. He could see that Martin was very sad. Martin told him
about the horrible struggles he was having spiritually and that he was almost ready to give up his studies as a priest.
Dr. Staupitz explained that Martin should not torture himself

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