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  about all the bad things he had done in his life. Instead, he should give them all to Jesus. “Trust in God,” he said, “and let the righteousness of Jesus cover your sins.”
From that day forward, Martin was a changed man. Dr. Staupitz urged him to preach on Sundays, and soon he found he had a hidden talent. He spoke with such power and conviction, in fact, that people began coming to Sunday services regularly just to hear him preach.
Then in 1510, Martin decided to make a pilgrimage to Rome, the capital city of the Holy Roman Empire. It had been a lifelong dream of his to see Rome, and now he made the journey on foot, walking more than 800 miles to accomplish it. Along the way, he stopped overnight at monasteries to rest and then continued on his way each morning.
When he finally arrived in Rome, he fell on his knees to thank God for this opportunity to visit the historic city. In his mind, this was the most holy place on earth. In fact, he called it “Holy Rome.” However, he was astonished and disappointed by all he heard and saw! Most of the leaders of the church
One day he found a complete copy of the Bible chained to a pulpit in the library at the University of Erfurt.

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