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The war between good and evil is over. Judgment day has come and gone. Satan and his evil demons have been destroyed in the lake of fire. Everywhere there is nothing but quiet across the face of the earth.
Now God makes a new planet to replace the one destroyed by Satan. Millions of God’s creatures gather to watch. Men and women, boys and girls, angels and beings from every corner of space marvel at this new beginning.
What will that new world be like? It will be more beautiful than we can ever imagine, because God has promised that Eden will one day be restored. What is really exciting is that we will get to see it all happen before our very eyes.
There will be hills and valleys with every kind of tree and flower possible. There will be grapevines and oak trees in the forests, mango trees, and coconut palms on the beaches, and flowers of every color scattered across the hills and plains.
Animals, birds, and insects will be everywhere. They will be all sizes and shapes just as they were created in Eden so long ago. We will see lions and lambs, ostriches and owls, and beetles and bees. Frogs and fish will fill the streams, and
 What will that new world be like? It will be more beautiful than we can ever imagine.
whales and dolphins will play in the sea.
The world will be big enough with space for everyone to have a home of their own in
the country. We will build our homes however we want them, wherever we want them, and with whatever materials we would like. Some people will build with gold, silver, or jewels, or
 some with marble or whatever else God may provide.
We will never have to work hard again as we do now. No more blisters on our

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