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hands, backaches, nor thorns pricking our fingers when we pick roses in our gardens. There will be no more death, crying,
nor pain, for the curse of sin will be gone. Leaves will no longer fall from the trees, and flowers will never fade or wilt when we pick them.
Little children will run and play
with animals they could never play with now. Lions and bears will be our friends when that day comes.
The Holy City will be here with its streets of gold and twelve gates with
each one a huge shining pearl. We will have country homes and
   mansions in the city too. The throne of God will be the center
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of the city. This planet will then become the center of the
of the Story!
universe. Glorious beings will Don’t miss any part of this exciting
Before long the settlements
story. You can finish this story, along
of the Waldenses were being
with hundreds of others, when you get
attacked and burned.
the full Children’s Century Classics set. The Bible will truly come to life!
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