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Noah stood in the doorway of the ark, waiting for people to join him on board. “Will no
one accept God’s invitation of mercy and find safety in the ark?” he shouted. “A terrible
flood is on its way! Please join us on board now before it’s too late!”
Sadly, no one took him up on the offer. Only his wife, his three sons, and his sons’ wives walked up that ramp and into the
ark. He couldn’t believe it. He had been warning and pleading with these people for 120 years. Now was coming a flood so terrible that it would swallow
an entire world. All the people had to do to be safe was to take a short walk up the ramp and get into the ark, but no one would listen. They would all be lost, and there was nothing more Noah could do but to get into the ark as God had told him.
As Noah disappeared inside the ark, a hush settled over the crowd.
Then suddenly a bright flash of light streaked down from the sky and rested motionless by the open doorway of the ark. The crowds stood dumbstruck at the glorious being, but still no one made a move forward to enter the door of the ark.
Slowly the giant door began to swing shut on its hinges. An unseen hand was closing it until it hit the side of the ark with a thud.
“There will be no flood,” they told one another, and soon they were smiling and laughing as before.
 For seven days, the people shouted and made fun of Noah. I can almost hear them saying, “You’ve lost your mind. What a fool to be sitting in that
“Open the door!” they screamed. “We’re sorry we didn’t listen! Open the door, or we’ll drown!”

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